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g’night robots and gentlebeings, I’m going to try to get more sleep tonight to try to help with brain fog and other vague things

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Contains (sort of) Spoilers for Clariel

On further thinking, one of the potential unfortunate implications is that people of a solitary nature (which Clariel is, very much so) tend to be drawn to Free Magic, which is generally portrayed as evil or at least so very dangerous, especially when not hemmed in by Charter magic like the Abhorsen’s bells, that only a desperate, foolish, or evil person would resort to its use. Now in Clariel, Garth Nix goes to some effort to make the titular character sympathetic and Free Magic seem less evil but it still irked me while reading it. Also worthy of note is that Clariel doesn’t get a romantic arc and is vocally disinterested in romance and sex to the point that people in the fandom are (quite justifiably) reading her as aro ace. Which is cool, but the whole solitary = free magic thing… not so much.

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I just read Clariel, which I’ve been waiting for since 2009, and, well…

the quality of the writing is the same as ever, so pretty good, and I knew it would be rough, because Clariel = Chlorr so obviously some bad things were going to happen, but that was just depressing. And occasionally gutwrenching.

She’s just so unlucky and so is her family.

I wanted a book about the good old days but these were the bad old days :(

Filed under bs bookrants I also have some vague unformed thoughts about potential Unfortunate Implications of certain things hopefully I can clarify them soon

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You ever skim something and you’re just like “understanding this fully would take more time than I have right now but I’m pretty sure I disagree with what you’re saying”?

ah and it’s on a Journal de Montréal (right-leaning newspaper) blog, that kind of backups up my suspicions

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I often disagree very strongly with how people interpret certain characters, like Luna Lovegood or Radical Edward. They’re both sort of unusual, don’t fit in, respond differently than most people in certain social situations, etc. but often people seem to view them as lololol so random… when they aren’t actually random. The things that differentiate them from most of their peers are very concrete and specific in ways that I can to some extent relate to, and I have noped my way out of many a fic for that reason.

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Also, I recognize that this issue can get more complex in terms of disability headcanons and queer and trans headcanons, etc. - there are a lot of people who will have a knee-jerk reaction like “[character] couldn’t be trans!” (or autistic or mentally ill etc. etc. etc.) and that’s shitty because it grows out of peoples’ biases more than out of anything the canon may or may not say about the character.

For me, the important part is to keep the characters’ personalities the same as much as possible - or to make changes that make sense based on the situation (if it’s an AU, takes place in the past or future relative to canon, etc.) rather than to stick to the canon or presumed intended demographic categories etc. - like if we know that the writer didn’t mean the character to for instance have ADHD from some interview or another, but based on how they act it would fit pretty well. And changing the character to a more marginalized identity is always much better than changing them to a more normalized one (IE whitewashing is bad but white to POC racebending is super ok etc.)

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Not that I always handle criticism well, even (especially?) valid criticism, but I’m working on it.

Just to say that my skin isn’t as thick as that last post probably made it sound.

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when you’re reading fanfiction and that one character is just so OOC


also known as ‘when the person who supplies free fiction on the internet has a different take on a character than i do’.
How much do I love AQ? So much.

I’m pretty sure it’s fine to dislike and even criticize things that you get for free, as long as you don’t go too overboard with it.

I mean FF.net even has a review section, though granted most people seem to use it to say “omg this is awesome can’t wait for more” or similar and negative or even mixed reviews are uncommon.

There’s a way to disagree with someone’s take on it while still acknowledging that they put their time and effort into to writing something that you disagree with.  There’s a review section both on ffnet and AO3, but that doesn’t mean that people have license to be rude and abrasive about something that people are sharing for free.  Especially when you’re talking about characters that have been reinvented over and over throughout the past 100 years, you can’t say “my characterization is right and yours is wrong” and have that stand as totally a-ok.  

Which is basically what AQ is addressing upthread.

While I agree that there’s a point where someone is being excessively rude in their criticism, and in most fandoms there is more than one valid interpretation of canon (and yes especially in the Sherlock Holmes fandom which I presume you were referencing), I don’t think that means you should never tell a fan writer that you disagree with how they wrote a certain canon character. Now obviously they’re then free to disregard your critique and you probably shouldn’t start a big argument over it and by no means would you have the right to demand they change it or write future works to match your understanding of the character, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say anything about it.

I’m also not sure that OP was even talking about directly contacting the writer with their criticism, but more like NOPEing one’s way to the “back” button upon finding a fic that drastically clashes with one’s understanding of the character.

Basically, my position on criticism is that if you’re making something available to the public, even if it’s for free, you should try to accept that people will criticize potentially any aspect of it. You don’t have to accept abusive or flaming comments or harassment etc., though and by all means can use any mod powers you possess on them. You also don’t have to accept or listen to any demands someone might make - criticism is yours to take the useful bits (if any) and ignore the rest as best you can.

That said, for better or worse, if the characterization seems drastically off to me I usually just roll my eyes and hit “back” without commenting.