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Still, when you compare Hourou Musuko to say, Family Compo there’s just no comparison.

Like Family Compo has tons of trans characters but the portrayal of most of the trans women is super super gross.

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hereticbones said: I liked the anime and the beginning of the manga but I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the end. Also I find the manga is a lot worse in it’s treatment of the adult trans lady they’re friends with. Just a caveat.

Wellllll there’s a certain degree of sadness at the end bc puberty and I know some people were angry because of things with Takatsuki but they weren’t problematic things so much as just character development not going where some of us might have wanted it to (myself included tbh).

As to Yuki, I’m not really sure what you’re talking about although her boyfriend or whatever, what’s his face, is pretty gross to Takatsuki and Nitorin the first time they meet. But like in general she’s just super cute and supportive.

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There’s still only 6 works for Hourou Musuko/Wandering Son on AO3 after all this time??? you’ve got to be kidding me. And there’s only 16 on fanfiction.net and all of them are either really short, in a language I can’t read, or misgendery even in the description. :(((

If you like anime or manga and you’ve neither read nor watched it, go go go go! It’s a bit sad sometimes but so so so amazing and heartwarming and wonderful.

Well what are you waiting for???

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Reading a review of the first Hollows graphic novel and

There is a hilarious scene in which Rachel pretends to be a horny lesbian in order to get a bouncer to let them into a popular club.

I can’t be sure, not having read it, but that sounds potentially more offensive than hilarious (although I suppose it miiiight work on a Rachel-is-an-awkward-doofus level)

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I stg if I read one more lesbian romance that starts off with one of the characters almost getting raped I’m gonna chuck it out the window.

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I was really enjoying this one fic until the author threw canon out the window in order to have drama and major character death and sexual assault bc starcrossed love or some crap.

I am sick of tragic queer love stories and I am doubly sick of sexual assault and rape being the tools of lazy and incompetent writers. Come up with a new source of angst, you hacks.

Filed under bs bookrants in other news I have read most of the rachel/ivy longfics and been truly satisfied by none

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I’m going to the US soon. Gotta think of things that are cheaper there/can’t be found in Canada now that I ACTUALLY HAVE MONEY THIS TIME

so far: DVDs, video games (sometimes) and binders (mostly due to shipping costs for Underworks) are all cheaper and easy-ish to transport so I might get some

DVDs are actually ridiculous in Canada sometimes, like Witchblade (the live action one) is ~$75-90 here and more like $15-25 in the States

video games it depends, maybe just a little cheaper than here. At least online prices (Steam, GOG, Origin, etc.) are generally the same