Dragons and Kisses

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The bobcats and cougars are super pretty though. I’d take a screenshot if they would just not kill me for a bit.

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Connor petted two dogs and a sheep and fed a chicken.

But why do the nasty wolves and cougars and bobcats attack him? I’m sure he’d pet them as well!

Also he stabbed some redcoats, nbd.

I couldn’t care less about the freaking frontiersman missions though.

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I just finished Bodacious Space Pirates (finally!) and I love Marika’s pirate space suit.

Reminds me of Utena’s uniform, probably bc epaulettes + pink hair.

Yay for canon femslash, not yay for it being minor supporting characters.

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I look at fighting game combos and think “I’m never gonna be able to do that”

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I found a place that had a better price on gel pens than Target and I bought 30 and I’m so glad bc the sparkly ones are SUPER sparkly