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I made some sort of dirty rice, and I have no clue how authentic it tastes since I’ve only had dirty rice once before and that was like 5+ years ago in a dining hall, but it does taste yummy.

The recipe was like “be careful with the cajun seasoning! it might be too hot!” etc. and as usual I was like “as if” and ended up adding more than recommended (after tasting) and it still wasn’t that hot? oh well.

I do have a pretty decent spice tolerance, especially for a white person, so there is that.

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Any Torontians here? We could hang out! I promise not to make too much fun of your fine city.

Or have I drive you off with my virulent anti-Leafs stance?

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hmmmmm half of me wants to go places next weekend and the other half wants to be a lazy butt and sleep in at home

what do

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I wonder if, when they’re trying to settle on settings, the AssCreed team sits around googling locations and going “nah, that doesn’t have enough interesting things to climb on” or “whoa, look at that tower! I’d want to climb that!”

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This book about the de’ Medicis is really gory and Hibbert is just really callous about people getting hurt in awful ways so maybe don’t read (or read with great caution) if you find descriptions of torture and domestic violence triggering.

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my long overdue grad film post!!

A young student has to contend with social and gender anxiety on a daily basis, but they aren’t as alone as they think.

Hand-drawn animation in Ink on paper + TVPaint for timing and compositing.

I pulled a lot from my experiences as both a non-binary trans person and as someone with anxiety and depression, so this film is really important to me. I still have a long way to go technique-wise but as long as I can develop and show my ideas to everyone, then I think I can be happy with my work


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